Wednesday, 5 January 2011

System Reboot. [Part 1]

Sometimes in the world of media. Things seem to lose their touch and kind of end up getting nowhere. Sales go downhill, and as hard as the production team works on such games it just leads to more of a..."meh...." scenario.
Edge & GamesMaster =]
I've been reading these magazines for the past thirty minutes now, more like skimming through it. I was just soo eager to post something new today to all you magical people! (No lie! O_O)

The issues are actually a good read, especially the new Games-master! [Yes I know this magazine hasn't been the greatest and Edge rules.] Thing is, the latest issue has quite some nice previews that include the new Tomb Raider (we'll get to that =P) and of course as the front cover shows Mortal Kombat!!!!

Today’s post is pretty much based around the reboot of video games series' that have been here longer than a decade now! And explain why this is a good thing and why these new titles will have a very good chance at not being pure FAIL!

The latest instalment of the MK (Mortal Kombat), 'slowly dying' series. Honestly sorry for being very cynical in this post however it is true. The previous games haven't really been that great, and have seemed to go quite timid on the whole brutality that is MK!

Additionally I don't know where the series was going when the last game brought in superheroes from DC universe. The series seemed to have taken the wrong turn and honestly if this was to continue without any vast improvements it was soon to head first into a pile of ash.

It's not to say the previous games were rubbish, they were good however they lacked the whole insanely gory atmosphere and being able to lunge enemies to their demise using the environment. It just seemed that the series had lost its touch.

That being said a new Mortal Kombat has arrived and was shown to the public last year in 2010. The classic series has been set to redeem its self and we'll begin this preview with a short video of the latest instalment.

Remember to watch in HD. 720p or 1080p =]

Alright that trailer was awesome! And I think It did make people go 'wow o_O' Another factor that you must have noticed was that it had Kratos from God Of War. He is a PS3 exclusive I’m afraid.

And in all honestly I know there may be mixed emotions but for anyone who has played God Of War. I think Kratos would make a great fit into the Mortal Kombat universe.

For the Xbox360 owners, there has yet to be any confirmation on who will be the special guest star for Microsoft. Perhaps there might not even be one o_O

Back to the topic! So yes the trailer looked epic, but regardless of that, the game has been revamped and has gone back to its old roots from the previous Mortal Kombats that were released on home consoles such as SNES or PS1.

Scorpion's uppercut to the chin doubles up as a splash-guard. Aint he Clever XD
The visual pwarness of the game is easily the best for the series, including the brilliant and atmospheric 3D backgrounds.

However the gameplay will be constricted to a 2D plane. Leaving the player to only move forward or back. Classic MK style =P this is what the fans wanted and the developers 'Nether-Realm' (previously Midway) listened. See this is why people should listen; something good can come out of it! 

So no more moving around in a 3D arena. Imagine you’re stuck in rectangular steel cage match. Just you and your opponent in a fight to the death. Nowhere to escape! Or waste time by running around other places in 3D-space. So yeah <3 it. 

The story (honestly I never really followed this...) will take place on the events from MK 1 to 3. Long story short, from what I've read Raiden was about to get killed by the big bad skelator looking dude 'Shao-Kahn' (the big guy in the skull mask from the trailer) 

However before Raiden got killed, he managed to use his telepathic God powers to warn a previous Raiden in a different time-zone. Of what will happen if he doesn’t act fast! 

The sweet news is that for people new to the series or who haven't been following the story. It's a great way to reboot the series to bring back the old MK with gory finishers and over the top insane moves o_O as well as environmental fatalities! 

Said to be most visually brutal MK yet, no holds barred this time round and the below two pictures are sure satisfy the awesome goriness that the series has lacked a bit in the previous games. 

The X-ray moves are awesome! Pounding your opponent and being able to mock them as they see their own demise! 

So far I haven't seen a release date, and there's said to be 16 or maybe even more characters to choose from. According to the games-master preview the set of features will include, (I’ll mention the few not so obvious)

Tag-team mode (you can do co-op combo moves), Challenge-Tower Mode, In-game currency (I guess you'll be able to customise?) 3D-support (If you’re lucky enough to have those expensive TV's. O_O) and blood physics. (So you can see the blood swish away all over =P)

Overall I think this restart of the series was a big necessity. If the game kept on going the way it was, seriously it would have ended up nowhere. 

I lost total interest in this series however from viewing the videos and looking at the screens and features honestly I'm actually looking forward to Mortal Kombat.....After probably around 8 years. >_<
Hope you enjoyed this preview, MK I can honestly say will obviously not become Game of year 2011! But it's nice that the developers are trying to being back what MK is and not something that is showing signs of desperation. MK vs. DC seriously WTF? T___T

I'll see you guys later, watch out for part 2 =]

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