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Happy new year to all of you! First new post of 2011. I know It has been a while since the last update been caught up with things however this year my time management will be far improved =] so this blog it all began with me promoting myself to the world to find a profession within the games industry.

I have been doing my research and I did come upon a very successfully established company who have been creating iconic favourites on the Nintendo 64, to becoming part of the Microsoft family. I'm talking about the shiny and magical company....

Conker =P

Years back they designed many memorable titles that included a pretty Lo@d mouth squirrel that was not only fun, packed with action but hilarious! I loved this combination when it came to a video game to keep the player entertained.

Thank you IGN. (Conker-Live and Reloaded on Original Xbox)


Banjo-Kazooie held a similar persona as the above game, minus the curse words =P.

 Rare is a company that has created
Some very successful titles and now are working under the Microsoft Brand, and developing games such as Viva Pinata.

This doesn't mean the brand has been always creating titles that would not cater for a hardcore gamer who would only enjoy a shooter.

Perfect-Dark <3
Both titles contained brilliant action, and the likes of Conker even contained a third person shooter perspective in various levels.

In fact the company had even created a couple of the finest first person shooters to date.

The likes of 007 Goldeneye was a master-piece and then the release of the co-op frenzy incredible fps title Perfect Dark.

Allowing players to team-up and complete the game together, to help enhance the gameplay and create a more fun play-style.

Games such as the like of Bungie's Halo and Gears Of War who have catered there campaign modes for a cooperative experience must have taken inspiration from what Rare has provided the gaming world.

The coolest part is that Rare love to hire graduates, they like new talent and the reason why is because they like to teach people to work, how they work using their own techniques.

Introducing new-comers to the way of work, helps them to adapt to their ways a lot faster than more experienced talent could be one big factor as to why they <3 young talent! =]

Oh and they do internships, so if you are interested in gaining some experience within a gap-year at university well now is the time to apply!

Shh...Stole this picture from Rare's recruitment site =P
The company is located in Birmingham, two hours from  me since I live in London. However I do have family up there so re-locating wouldn't be too much of an issue then ^__^

Never be afraid to re-locate people, I did mention this in some previous posts, its fun to explore and aids in gaining far more opportunities! 

By following the link, you'll be able to read up on everything Rare are offering. But remember the deadline is 31st of January 2011. So that’s only a few weeks away from now! So get those applications in! 

The company provides you with an application form that needs to be filled in, along with a C.V and a covering letter.

See I wasnt Lieing!

If you are lucky enough they'll get back to you by March 2011, to notify that you have the job ^__^

For the rest of us, who will be leaving university this year or any others reading, I'm not sure about any dead-line and the company aren't after any specific type of job role as it states on the website, so If you are interested.

I'd quickly get on the website and start applying as soon as possible, don't rush your CV or covering letter, take it easy however make sure everything looks good and have a nice portfolio to demonstrate to the company. So they can check out what you can do =]


Best of Luck, to all people who apply! I'll be filling in my documentation soon and sending it off, so hopefully things will go well for me.

If so then I'll be happy like Commander Shepherd!

The picture does look kinda freaky but hey it's still a gaming master-peice!

Right well I'll be taking my leave from here, hope this post was alright and you enjoyed it. I'll be back soon with another post.

I recently purchased a couple of new games magazines and I have yet to read up on them, so I think I'll set myself off to that.

Bye everyone and take care! =]

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