Thursday, 9 December 2010

3D modelz!

The final post for the day. You guys have got 3 now! =3 And if the other previous two posts may have bore you, then hopefully this one can save the day XD

I was tasked to make a few 3D objects using 3Ds Max in my games development course at University. I'm not a huge pro and honestly I was a total noob about 1 month ago. However I thought I'd upload some screen shots so you can check out what I've made.

I know they aren't super amazing. But I thought I'd share these pictures with you guys =3 Good thing is that from this practise using 3ds max.

Since I'm going to be making a 3D game for my final year project. It'll aid towards making the models. I'll be getting to that in a later post =P About the game I'm going to be making.

"Ezio!!!!! Would you like to look in the book??!?"
The phrase above is from Ezio's sister in AC2. (Assassins Creed 2) I bought this special edition today. I was thinking of saving my money at first however I could purchase this for £30 since I had money saved up on my reward card.

I haven't played it yet, but I've heard good news all round on this title. And the reviews are looking great. So should be awesome =)
Well I'm  going to be off now. Wonder what I'm going to play after I end this post =P Hmm?!?!?! o_O

 I'm trying to keep my posts sort of short and splitting them all into different posts since some people felt my posts were more like huge essays XD aw wells hopefully this method is better.

I'll be posting back soon with more interesting stuff. I'll see you guys later ;)

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