Friday, 10 December 2010

I know this was last nights news, however as a huge fan and I'm sure many of you are as well, honestly I knew it was going to happen but finally it's been confirmed.

 It's obvious by seeing the picture above as soon as I read up on Kotaku =P (Awesome gaming news site!) So it seems the hardcore awesome developer. "Naughty-Dog" Is back with Uncharted 3 - Drakes Deception.
Check out the teaser trailer =) 

Drakes back and it looks like he has a lot of homework to do. The game from the looks of things and from various sites is said to be set in the desert.

The Uncharted series has been brilliant and by far possibly the most visually impressive game to hit any games console. 

The previous title (Uncharted 2: 96% metacritic!) has led Drake to various locations, though the game was set to be in a cold snowly environment, it led you to jaw dropping areas keeping things fresh and interesting.

I hope the same for this title, though either way I know Naughty Dog will be providing a top quality product that could possibly be game of the year 2011.

According to Kotaku, you will be on a quest to possibly be in search for desert Atlantis. From what I've seen from the previous games, It is sure to be impressive.

The snow and the whole environment was incredible, this time round your in a desert. I'd love to see the Playstations 3's capabilities being put into action once again, with sand storms and lush locations.

Best of all, (I know not a lot of people have 3D TVs currently) but  yes Uncharted 3 will be going 3D. So if you are lucky enough to have a television of this capability or looking to purchase one in the near feature then this is one title to look out for.

Not a lot I can say currently. But I'll be trying to keep people posted on some great gaming news =) And if you do have a Playstation 3 and haven't played the Uncharted series so far. I'd highly recommend it, as this is a crown jewel in Sony's department.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

3D modelz!

The final post for the day. You guys have got 3 now! =3 And if the other previous two posts may have bore you, then hopefully this one can save the day XD

I was tasked to make a few 3D objects using 3Ds Max in my games development course at University. I'm not a huge pro and honestly I was a total noob about 1 month ago. However I thought I'd upload some screen shots so you can check out what I've made.

I know they aren't super amazing. But I thought I'd share these pictures with you guys =3 Good thing is that from this practise using 3ds max.

Since I'm going to be making a 3D game for my final year project. It'll aid towards making the models. I'll be getting to that in a later post =P About the game I'm going to be making.

"Ezio!!!!! Would you like to look in the book??!?"
The phrase above is from Ezio's sister in AC2. (Assassins Creed 2) I bought this special edition today. I was thinking of saving my money at first however I could purchase this for £30 since I had money saved up on my reward card.

I haven't played it yet, but I've heard good news all round on this title. And the reviews are looking great. So should be awesome =)
Well I'm  going to be off now. Wonder what I'm going to play after I end this post =P Hmm?!?!?! o_O

 I'm trying to keep my posts sort of short and splitting them all into different posts since some people felt my posts were more like huge essays XD aw wells hopefully this method is better.

I'll be posting back soon with more interesting stuff. I'll see you guys later ;)

White Beats

Alright so this is the second post of the day =] since I've not updated in for a few weeks, thought I'd just throw down whatever has been happening to me lately.

Now I've had this ear problem for almost a month now. I can't really hear because the wax has gone down my ear canals.

Apparently wearing earphones and going to the gym causes a lot of wax build up. Especially for me! ¬ ¬ Of course! So I had to go purchase some headphones, now I've never looked into headphones that much I've only really owned a couple pairs and stuck with the whole earphone thing.....Till now o_O "dum dum...dramatic music!"

Yes I've purchased the Beats (white ones)
I've been looking into these for ages however I've had my Sennheiser (I think that's the right spelling) earphones for quite a while now and they've worked out great.

Except since now I can't wear them and me being a dude who's not too fond of headphones, mainly due to the looks (usually ugly) and practicality.

So I wasn't really considering the purchase as much, however time passes and I felt well if from what I've heard is true about the amazing audio output and of course the slick looks (they look magic!) It'll have to be the beats.

(Check out the video below....I hate the thumb nail picture T__T)

(Sorry for using one hand again in that video and the scuffling noise, was using my phone o_O)

I'm guessing some people must also be saying how this is involved in gaming. I know ha! But you can still use them when playing video games, the audio would be crisp and clear.

Hope you guys liked the video, I know it's super amature haha! But yeah you can see from the pictures that for the money you are paying, even the box it comes in looks stunning!

Another feature is that they are foldable. However they are still fragile, so its best to be careful when snapping them together again. 
Overall I <3 these headphones. You'll be in perfect harmony between you and the music you listen to. However to make the most of these I'd say to make sure your music has a bit-rate of at least 320.

The base, the crisp clarity of the music being played through these is very good! The audio is fantastic and look great! And on top of that are very comfortable to wear. 

In the video I did mention a website that for people who already own these the Dre beats or are looking to purchase them. You can get them customised and seriously these people can make them look insane o_O  <--- This site is awesome for customisations. 

But its not just headphones. They will do Xbox's, Playstations etc...So many things! This site will customise your goods for you and they will look stunning. (the price I bet will be horrible T__T) <-- The Xbox link ;) Soo yeah you can see they will do a lot. You can have some pretty sweet stuff =3

On a personal note. It'll be nice but I'd pass on this stuff. But I was told by some retailer dude about this site so thought I'd share it with you. 

OK peoples. I hope I didn't bore you guys to bits with the ending >__< I know a lot of text! Hopefully my next post won't be soo bad =P Love u people! =3

Route To work Interview o_O

Hey guys! So England’s been covered in snow, the university fees are going up to £9,000. Students are protesting and I have a really bad cold and I'm sleep deprived. I've been pretty tired from work but meh it's a new day =3

Back to the working journal since it's been a while since I last got back to it. On Tuesday I had to go into university for a mock interview. Where I had to be part of a role-play of a real interview with a member of the games company Relentless. (I was talking about them in the last post =P )

Relentless keeps on coming back on my blog =P  

So the careers adviser started interviewing me. It was basically a role-play of a real interview scenario. And I've been tasked to talk about my day on how this went.

I'm not going to bore you with details on every question, but from what I've learnt I'll just give out a few pointers and how obvious some things are! But due to the pressure or sometimes just trail of thought, all these no brainer answers are missed.

First point, this is obvious but make sure your organized and look respectable. And have your C.V at hand just encase they don't have yours and they ask for it. It shows that you’re prepared and ready!

Do your research on the company that you are going into. It's most likely you'll be asked why you chose X company. You could say soo much, and don't be worried about talking too much. Of course don't waffle around and make stuff up.

Just stay logical and straight to the point, when they ask you something don't just provide one answer. Be ready and confident and provide various other points.

You are there to not only sell yourself but to introduce who you are and what makes you perfect for the job.

So why sit their nervous and thinking of what to say? Speak your mind, say what you know and you'll be fine.  

I was only asked a few questions and overall I was told I did a good job, but it was just me lacking that extra information that she told me she was waiting for.  

Like for the skills I have, I did explain experience in programming, however when explaining examples it should have been far more in depth. I mentioned that I have experience in C++ and C# programming however apparently I had to elaborate on this by talking about previous experiences that involved this.

In conclusion I'm really glad I had this practice interview as I never would have guessed that even though I did do well that there was a lot of obvious factors that I had missed.

Alright well I'll be closing this post now. Sorry for whole essay look today. This was a task T__T Alright people take care =]