Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fallout new Vegas Hardcore character Build

hey people sorry for the late post, i've been busy doing university work. Tons of report work o_O and I'm still doing one currently based on the game i'm making for my final year project at University =P I'll be getting to that at a later post eventually ;)

For now I'm just going to be giving a few details on my character on Fallout New Vegas. I've created a character build for Hardcore mode. I've done some intensive awesome powerhouse research into various perks and stuff (yes i know sad....But i'm kool so its all good XD)

So what I have currently I feel will be pretty solid for my play through. Now for hardcore mode, your pretty much playing in a more realistic simulated way, and I feel it brings you closer to the character you created. Since you must look after it, just as you would yourself.

I've created a small video just to give you guys a small brief on my character. It's nothing super in detail, it's just to provide a small insight on my character, and perhaps you might want to use the build yourself and see how it goes for yourself =]

[NOTE: This post you may find boring if your not interested in Fallout. Because honestly when i was typing this up, even I got bored talking about perks and stuff lol. The game is interesting but since I really want to keep you guys entertained, I was feeling kinda....Eghhh......Should I keep on going? But at least this cators for the Fallout fans at least =] So got some people who may find this interesting.]

Or perhaps even this video might lead you to take some interest in the game. Even if it is me being boring and telling you about my character build XD

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes and perks that have interested me:

Strength: (6) [Allows me to carry a total weight of 210lb]
At level 8: 

Strong Back Perk (Allows an extra 50lb of weight to be held So 260lb)

Stone Wall Perk (+5 for melee weapons, damage threshold and unarmed) Also you cannot get taken down by enemies who use melee. There will be certain people that can take you down, so with this perk that won't happen ;) You can be a brickwall who just walks through people XD



Perseption: (6) [energy weapons 12+, explosivies 12+, lockpicking 12+]

[At level 10]

Night Person Perk - Perseption + 2, Inteligence + 2 during night time. Around 6pm-6am.
So in my case. My perseption during the night will be (8) instead =P

But combine this with the Solar Powered perk, (once reached Level 20) + 2 in Strength So Strength will be 8. And I regenerate 1hp per second. During the day. So you can have best of both worlds =P

[At level 12]
Sniper Perk - 25% VATS increase for accuracy on headshots.
[together with Commando perk that gives you 25% VATS increase with two handed weapons. All together 50% =P]

[At level 14]
Light Step Park - You'll never set of any enem mines or traps. This perk is great in Hardcore mode, since broken limbs etc...Can be a bitch to sort out if you don't have the right equipment.


Endurance: (7) (HP - 240 ) Survival +14.

[At level 6] 
lead belly perk - Drinking radiated water will only give you 50% radiation levels. Helping you out not to get toooo sick over radiation XD

[At level 8]
Rad Resistance perk - 25% radiation resistance

[Level 12]
Life Giver Perk - 30+ HP (Making my HP levels 270]

[Level 20]
Solar Powered perk- + 2 Strength and 1hp regeneration per second.

[Level 28]
Rad Absorption perk - If you do have any radiation on you. And most likey you will XD This perk will lower your radiation levels by 1 point every 20 seconds =]


Charisma: (5) [Companion level/armour and Damage + 25]
 (Nothing much to say about this XD, pretty much told you guys about this in the video ^__^)


Intelligence: (7)  [14 Skill points! for leveing up =P faster leveing then]
[Medicine +14, Repair +14, Science +14]

   [Level 4] Comprehension Perk- When you read skill magazines you gain an extra point. So instead of 3 points of skill points. You gain four.

1 point may not seem a lot, but it may make a big difference depending on what your trying to do and the type of character your developing. (be sure to get this as early as possible. To make the most out of it!)

[Level 4] Educated Perk - Gain an extra 3 skill points per levell up. Similar to Comprehension perk, however this is from level to level. Whereas the above is per skill book you read. So perhaps the above perk is better, however more points you gain the more you can increase your attributes and stuff. So yeah magic.

[Level 10] Nerd Rage Perk - When your health goes down to around 20%, your damage threshold increases by +15 to help you out. Trust Nerd rage in general must be nuts o_O

Geeky dudes going super saiyon on your ass.


Agility: (6) 

Pretty much explained this on the video blog =]

Luck: (3) Yes my luck is fail =[ However! Perhaps with Swift Learner perk I may be able to push this up =P We'll see ;)


For those of you who like Fallout New Vegas. Hopefully this post gave you guys a little bit of help at the very least if looking to create a character in Hardcore mode.

Sorry for all you guys that might have got bored reading this stuff. Just tons of numbers etc.. I knows! However my next post will be back to my normal weird life and the stuff i'm doing XD lol.

Laters peoples =] And let me know what you think of my build or even my character. She's only level 1 so yeah totally nooby right now =P

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