Friday, 29 October 2010

Finally I have Fable I I I =3

Hey everyone =] Hope you guys are all good! Sorry if my last blog may have bored you in anyway last night, it was mainly targeted at the Fallout New Vegas fans. So forgive me XD.

However today Fable 3 was released, as many of you people are already aware off =P I went down to GAME and ended up purchasing the game really early in the morning, around 9:15am and picked it up. And I've made a video and have a few pictures to share with you =] 

Flip a coin? Do you want to become a King or a Queen =P
Honestly I haven't even gone to sleep yet. Throughout this week I've been awake working on university work with my friends. It wasn't that I left it till the last minute; it was just a lot to add in a short time.

Not to mention that all of us were stacked up on things, like my friends Matthew and Alex worked really hard on programming. And managed to get something up and running before the dead line. So yeah well done to you dude’s for that! =]

I only managed to sleep for around 2 hours per day, so pretty much just 4 hours in 48 hours lol. So by Thursday night I was totally out of it and ended up dozing off to sleep really early, and ended up waking up around midnight.

*Sleepless Night* Trussing Book, Kroz (being gay) And me looking grumpy! (lack of sleepy)  =]

So I was like great  ¬ ¬ Sleeping patterns and biological clock are officially screwed! So I just stayed up all night with my friend Trussing-book. He's a big Gears head like me, and I just stuck with playing Fallout New Vegas while he was doing his own thing on other games.

*Fable 3 Collectors Edition (soo amature) unboxing* XD

Hopefully my unboxing of Fable 3 wasn't too bad. Next time I may just sit down on a desk and first of all purchase a nice new HD webcam for my PC and use that to record anything for this blog or whatever other site really. I'll have to look into it =]

*After the video the box, cards and everything magically positioned itself like that o_O*

Another glimpse of the collector’s edition. So far both videos I’ve made for unboxing has involved playing cards. Hmm here's a thought, perhaps a game on Kinect. Where a number of people can play a card game online.

But they actually use a proper card-deck and the Kinect’s Camera will just pick up on that set of cards, when faced down. (Now there may be a LOT of cheating, however you will be on webcam the whole time, so others WILL see you =P)

Yes I’ve created a game idea! Now someone is probably going to read what i just came up with in a few seconds, and probably make money out of it.

My Villiger who looks nothing Like Cinderella XD

Then we have Cinderella =P she's just been modified. You can pick either male or female you decide. I chose a female since we all know that Cinderella is a girl! Then the village maker just comes up with a few random questions to determine her personality, i chose any that i thought would best suit her.

Put some clothes on her that actually looked semi-good. And there we have it. My very own villager for my Fable 3 game. Now to just find her in the game world. ¬ ¬

I've managed to gather approximately 28,000 gold I think, using Kingmaker. Those of you who have been following my blog, would know I've been pretty much following that game app from Lionhead kind of religiously.

Really it does get addictive! o_O

This week it kind of went downhill since i got side tracked with tons of university work, but meh....Currently I can't access KingMaker, it just states "Game in progress" So I’m guessing once you've started up the game, the money perhaps gets sent over through your windows live I.D. (since it's linked to your Xbox live Account)

Alright so i created a female character in Fallout New Vegas, now it comes to Fable 3. I'll be honest I play games because I <3 them, but I also <3 achievements =P I enjoy that I'm not just playing an awesome game, but I'm actually working towards something realistically. As in my own Gamerscore!

I checked out the achievements on Fable 3 and honestly sometimes I think it's just better to be a girl in a game then a dude. Like check out this achievement.

I know the humour in this....But yeah the advantages of being a girl! 

Honestly, like a dress i'm guessing is what you might have to wear, like it shows in the picture. Is a female dress. However for a girl to wear something that is, i guess 'guy' clothing. I mean it's probably just basic a top and bottoms really. Soo a girl will look kool either way!

But getting back to achievement whoring, I mean it's something that normaly i doubt you'd do. But your getting an easy 5G's for it, which isn't much but meh...It's something and at least your trying something new lol.

This is actually pretty kool though XD 

I'm guessing you should be able to be both male or female to get this achievement, since even though it does reference Henry VIII, but it doesn't show anything about you have to be a certain gender.

Either way! I think it’s kind of fun, like you've gone through tons of trouble to get six wives, and honestly you’re playing a video game with tons of stuff to do! So you’re probably going to end up neglecting them anyways.

Hmm unless….Your just that dude! There is no explanation, you’re just that guy! Who sticks with his virtual 6 wife’s.

Anyway, then just grabbing a weapon and just executing two random spouses that you just don't like. Whipping out a shotgun with magical powers and BOOM!
Right, I guess I’ll leave it there, this post has been kind of long. People might start complaining again that oooo post is tooo long. I kind of don't mind it being long, i suppose as long as I’m not talking toooo much crap!
Which i probably have been depending on who's reading and thinks that!

But hope you enjoyed the post! I'll update soon =] <3 you people! Oh and a full list of the FABLE 3 achievements are on here, if you’re interested:

Alrighty Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez <3 XD =] ^__^ =P ¬ ¬ <_< >_> x_x lol byeeee!